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Media Pulse works directly with premium content publishers seeking to monetize their inventories by exposing their supply to leading brands and generating maximum revenue streams from Direct and Programmatic Connected TV campaigns.

With video streaming having surpassed broadcast viewership for the first time in 2020, digital advertising spend continues to shift from traditional to Connected TV.

Brands see Connected TV as a new way to target, reach, engage, and resonate with audiences and continue to incorporate Connected TV advertising into their broader marketing strategies.

Media Pulse focuses exclusively on Connected TV, engaging directly with premium Tier 1 and 2 publishers to help monetize their supply, focusing on driving a higher and more predictable yield and delivering strong fill rates.

By partnering with Media Pulse, publishers can:

Increase revenue from Connected TV advertising, as a result of supply path optimization, fixed price CPMs and elimination of revenue sharing

Seamlessly integrate supply into the Media Pulse supply side platform without disrupting your current programmatic setup

Forecast revenue with greater accuracy and predictability

Know their supply sits alongside the most popular premium media owners and tier 1 advertisers

Enjoy a direct and trusted relationship with a boutique provider dedicated solely to Connected TV advertising

Learn more about how Media Pulse can help maximize Connected TV advertising revenues for media owners and publishers.

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