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As a boutique marketplace provider focused exclusively on Connected TV advertising, Media Pulse empowers brands to fully capitalize on today’s Connected TV advertising opportunities, ensuring brand messages are seen by the right audience at the right time.

Connected TV continues to evolve as a highly effective channel through which brands can access and engage a new generation of consumers.

Today, more than 29 million Canadians are accessible and reachable via Connected TV advertising, spanning age and gender groups.

With audience targeting capabilities that far exceed broadcast, Connected TV advertising gives brands the ability to reach a more engaged and responsive viewer in a cost-effective and fully transparent way.


Media Pulse Helps Advertisers:

Target and reach audiences with greater efficiency and precision, at scale

Access premium Tier 1 and 2 Connected TV inventory from the most popular publishers

Select from among desired publishers to build customized and flexible campaigns

Have complete, real-time visibility and transparency into who is seeing brand messages, when and how often

Realize cost savings as a result of Media Pulse’s direct publisher relationships

Ensure investments in Connected TV advertising strategies deliver measurable, business-impacting results

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