Media Pulse is an exclusive Connected TV marketplace delivering measurable and business-impacting Connected TV advertising strategies for Canadian brands as well as enhanced revenue opportunities for media owners and publishers.

With a focus on dealing only in Tier 1 and 2 quality content, Media Pulse provides brands eager to pursue Connected TV advertising strategies, with a customized, flexible, and transparent approach to connecting with target audiences via Connected TV inventory curated from the premium media publishers.

Media Pulse builds customized private marketplaces, giving brands the power to choose their Connected TV supply to reach the right audiences. And by cutting out intermediaries from the supply path, Media Pulse ultimately generates greater savings for advertisers and increased revenues for publishers.

Our Technology

Media Pulse has an exclusive relationship with Column6, a highly regarded software and services company specializing in Connected TV. Through an exclusive licensing agreement, Column6’s proprietary technology powers the Media Pulse’s Connected TV marketplace, consisting of a Video SSP and Ad Server. The companies work collaboratively on Connected TV advertising opportunities in Canada, as well as across the U.S. and international markets.

Our Values


We have direct relationships with premium Canadian Connected TV publishers, so our brand clients can have access to the highest quality of supply at the most cost-effective rates.


Unlike SSPs with rigid structures, we empower our brand clients to dictate how they want to build their relationship with us, giving them the ability to pick and choose the publishers to whom they want access. And if we don’t currently work with a particular publisher of interest, we’ll onboard them exclusively by request.


We partner with the leading audience data and reporting providers to arm our brand clients with the visibility, measurement, and fraud-free reporting details around supply, placement and reporting. We provide a level of reporting detail unlike another other Connected TV providers.


Through the market introduction of High Impact and Interactive Connected TV, we continue to drive advancement and innovation that enhances the overall impact and adoption of Connected TV advertising.

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